Speedy Burger has been a staple to the Houston burger-loving community for over 40 years. Since it was founded, this little burger joint in the Lindale Park Neighborhood in the North side of Houston has flipped over 3,000,000 patties over its existence. Though it may not be run by the original founder, this burger shack still to this day continues to use the same recipes as the first day its doors opened. These recipes have been passed down from owner to owner and now from father to daughter. This same burger joint brought a new and innovative burger to the burger scene know as, La Hamburguesa Mexicana which placed them on the top 50 burgers list of the Texas Monthly. 

Speedy Burger has reopened with a new menu and a new look; Nancy and her husband Cesar now operate this quaint little burger joint. Nancy is the daughter of the previous owners, whom have operated the location for 15 years. While going to college and helping her parents, Nancy enjoyed the job she had helping her parents at Speedy Burger when they first began. She would work cleaning tables, making shakes, flipping patties, working the drive thru and handling the cash register.

Always smiling and ready to serve, Nancy and her husband earned the respect of her parents and were able to get the opportunity of owning this burger staple in the Houston cuisine. As the original inventor of La Hamburguesa Mexicana, while under her parents operation of Speedy Burger; this burger has become Speedy’s signature burger. Texas Monthly and many other critics have been won over thanks to this burger, so we welcome you to be part of the family.

We invite you to come and be part of the new Speedy Burger, with new menu items such as The Torta Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Chipotle Burger and many more to come. We only ask you to bring one thing - a BIG appetite! We hope to see you soon!

2nd Generation Operators
Cesar & Nancy

Speedy Burger
Your Neighborhood Burger Joint!
Home of "La Hamburguesa Mexicana"


We have loved every minute of our time serving this neighborhood but will be closing our doors today. Stay tuned for what's to come! ... See MoreSee Less

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We never settle for anything less than delicious. That means fresh everything and frozen nothing because the difference is clear. ... See MoreSee Less

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Order your favorite burger on Uber Eats for delivery this finals season and you just may forget that you haven't left campus in 36 hours. ... See MoreSee Less

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We are more than just a family business, we are a neighborhood business. Since 1965 Speedy has served the Houston community, through all its owners and all its flavors it has always been true to its home. ... See MoreSee Less

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