The 50 Greatest Hamburgers In Texas

A gastro-scientific inquiry into the finest burgers in the state that invented the burger, including the Toro (#4), the Stodg (#6), the Miss Hattie (#28), and, in our top slot, a miracle of meat served only on Sundays. No wonder they call it the Lord’s day.

No. 48
Hamburguesa Mexicana
$4.39 (Fries are included in this price.)
Speedy’s Burger, Houston

This sandwich is a brilliant example of Tex-Mex fusion: Take a patty and bun, blanket the meat in queso blanco, add a glossy slice of salty ham and a scattering of sliced jalapeños, and keep piling on with slivers of ripe avocado along with—wait, let’s do this in Spanish because it sounds so much better— tomate fresco, mayonesa, mostaza, lechuga, y cebolla. The result is a spicy, border-crossing delight that completely befits this homey pink-walled spot on Houston’s north side. 6303 Irvington Blvd., 713-692-4435. MS